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Our Story

This is the story of a writer and an editor living on a small island in the middle of a big ocean. The writer was good at telling stories, and had published some, but like most writers, he spent a lot of time sitting at his desk forgetting to shave. Sometimes he even forgot to water the plants. 

One day the editor came to the writer's office because she'd heard he was looking for an extra pair of eyes. The editor had come from far across the ocean, where she'd lived in big busy cities working for bigwig publishing houses. She read one of the writer's stories, and really liked it, but found about ten typos. (He wasn't using spellcheck.) And two run-on sentences. And a few other sentences that sounded great but didn't really move the story along. 

And he hadn't watered the plants. 

“The writer loved telling stories so much he wanted to help others tell theirs. And there was nothing the editor liked more than helping writers.”

The writer and the editor were very happy to have met each other when they did.

The writer and editor met and talked regularly for half a year. They found out they had more in common than stories, like enjoying a beer with lunch. The writer even left his office once to drive out to the editor, who lived by the beach.

Then one day—after they'd had two beers with lunch—they had a wonderful idea that made them both immensely happy: they would put their heads together and open up a writing consultancy that helped other people tell their stories—without typos.

Because the writer loved telling stories so much he wanted to help others tell theirs. And there was nothing the editor liked more than helping writers. They decided to call their writing venture Storyline Creatives.

They invited a few of their friends—fellow storytellers and language lovers—to join them. And they all lived happily ever after.

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A great lover of words and the power they wield, Lara worked as an editor in major publishing houses in London before moving into communications in Brussels. After abandoning life as a Eurocrat, she moved to Cyprus for sun, sea and total immersion in the world of writing and editing at Storyline. Talk to her at: lara@storylinecreatives.com.


Max's short stories and articles have been published widely in the US, UK and elsewhere. He's worked as a teacher, journalist, editor and copywriter. He's the director of Write CY, a Nicosia-based platform for creative writing and community storytelling. His novel Dillo is available from Shotgun Honey. Talk to him at: max@storylinecreatives.com.