Our services

Have a writing project? We're a team of professional storytellers and editors that write stand-out content for businesses, brands and people. If you've got material that needs native translating, we do that too.

Content Writing

Use on: websites that need a new story; blogs that have gone missing in action, underperforming social campaigns; white papers that sound too much like white papers; yawn-worthy marketing presentations and pitches; brochures and company lit that need some serious mojo, or any great idea that needs a unique story and voice.

Website Writing

Use on: websites still partying like it's 1999; “meh” websites without a real voice or style of their own; confusing websites that need better user journeys or completely new structures; gorgeous websites that don't have the writing to match, or brand new websites that want to hit the ground running with unforgettable stories.

Blog & Social

Use on: fluffy content that needs substance, solid keywords, meta and backlinks; lonesome articles that desperately need attention from special readers; "meh" articles that need some paprika and an original, consistent voice, and social without chutzpah.

Editing & Proofreading

Use on: websites your brother-in-law wrote for you; B2B or B2C content that needs to hit the market with a shiny coat of paint; academic papers and dissertations that need a second pair of eyes, a native touch or some tidying up, and more.


Use on: English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic web and print texts, social media and B2B or B2C marketing material that need a native bilingual writer's touch to capture the style, nuance and essence of your original text.

Manuscript Consulting

Use on: novels or non-fiction manuscripts that need a professional assessment by published writers; manuscripts that need professional copyediting services, or manuscripts in search of a publisher or agent.