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Manuscript Consulting

You might be thinking that most writers that manage to find publishers or agents are either lucky or were there at the right time.

That's not entirely true. A large part of publishing success depends on how you approach the publication process. Is your manuscript in publication shape, or is it full of typos and plot holes? Have you gotten any real feedback on your characters or the basic structure of your story? If you've done both, have you approached the incredibly time-consuming process of narrowing down your markets in a sensible and efficient way?

If you do have a complete fiction or non-fiction manuscript you're serious about getting published, we're a team of published authors and professional editors that offer complete manuscript assessments, copyediting services and professional advice on how to approach writing markets, agents or publishers locally or abroad. We've been down that road and know how to get around the bends.

Use on: novels or non-fiction manuscripts that need a professional assessment by published writers, manuscripts that need professional copyediting services, or manuscripts in search of a publisher or agent

Storyline Creatives provides the best editorial attention to any piece of writing: hard-working, willing to read and re-read a manuscript, offering insightful feedback and constructive comments towards clarity and readability. Their full range of editing services, their attention to every detail, motivation and sheer love for writing makes them one of the best editing services out there!
— Cultural Studies and Contemporary Arts Lab


Reviewing your manuscript

Aspiring authors send literally thousands of manuscripts to publishers and agents every year. More than 99% of those manuscripts never get published, most of the time because they're simply not ready.

It could be because the characters are weak or unrelatable. It could be because the pacing is off or the conflict hasn't been developed enough to sustain tension. Only one thing about the rejection process is certain. Writers rarely learn why their work has been rejected or get the kind of feedback that can help them succeed the next time.

This is why many writers turn to professional editors for impartial, expert assessments of their work. A manuscript assessment doesn't guarantee that your book will become a bestseller, or even that it will get published, but it can identify critical strengths and weaknesses that will give you a much better shot at landing a publisher or agent.

Our manuscript assessment service includes a detailed report covering:

character development and relatibility

conflict, pacing and tension

narrative structure

voice and style


Copyediting your manuscript

Publishers and agents can pick out an unprofessional manuscript in a second. Non-standard formatting, awkward typos and spelling mistakes are the giveaways, and the shortest path to getting your work dumped in the trash before it's even considered.

Fortunately for aspiring authors, these issues can all be caught and dealt with if you decide to work with an experienced editor before submitting. Taking the time to submit professionally sets your work apart from the literally hundreds of badly prepared manuscripts that pour onto agents' and publishers' desks weekly, and will give you more than a fighting chance to at least get read.

Our copyediting service includes a fully tracked and annotated document with special attention paid to:

spelling and punctuation mistakes

typos and formatting issues

continuity and organisational issues

facts and statistics


Shopping your manuscript

For many writers, even those that have had some success, finding and approaching a market for their writing is a hugely challenging task. Do you try to find an agent first or go directly to a publisher? What kind of cover letters are successful? How do you write a synopsis that makes the right impact?

While there's no single answer to any of those questions, talking to published authors who have been down that path can make your journey to publication more efficient, structured, and ultimately more successful. If you have a manuscript you're shopping, we can help you:

decide whether you should be approaching an agent or a publisher

find likely markets for your work

organise your publication strategy

pitch a book or story

plan a cover letter

craft an effective synopsis