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Editing & Proofreading

Most people don’t leave the house without their mobile phones. At Storyline, we don’t go anywhere without our editors. From drawing board to delivery, all our writing is a group effort—whether it’s the original content we develop for our clients’ websites, blogs or social campaigns, or the editing projects that come our way from businesses, authors and academics.

Use on: websites your brother-in-law wrote for you, B2B or B2C marketing content that needs to hit the market with a shiny coat of paint, academic papers, Masters theses and PhD dissertations that need a second pair of eyes, a native touch or some tidying up; magazine articles, video and film scripts, and more.

Their professionalism, high-quality work, attention to detail and consistency in meeting tight deadlines make working with Storyline a satisfying and stress-free experience. Communication was excellent and prompt.
— Cyprus University of Technology


How we assess your work

We edit all sorts of texts in whatever shape they come, but we always assess what you give us before we provide a quote. For website overhauls, we also offer website consulting services. If you’ve written a book (fiction or non-fiction) and are looking for a manuscript assessment or copyediting services, please see our manuscript consulting service.


This is for texts that have already been through several drafts and need one final look-through. We'll check for: spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation, capitalization, and awkward grammar.


Our extended service, which also offers everything from our basic proofreading service, is for texts that need work on their flow and structure. We will tighten your paragraphs, leave tracked comments and questions and consult with you after we're done by phone, email or Skype.


If your writing is in need of an extensive rewrite due to language issues, we can help you.


Our rates are no secret, but we will need to see a sample of your writing to give you a quote. Rates will vary for technical, medical or legal texts, website editing, and for urgent projects that need a quick turnaround. All page rates, excluding websites, are based on a standard 250-word page.








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