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It occurred to me today that the amount of time, energy and money we pour into our online existence(s) is about the equivalent of what American suburbanites used to throw away on lawn maintenance. This was way back when people cut their own grass. (Yeah, way back then.) 

As a kid, I hated everything about lawn care and couldn't understand why Mr. Patterson, next door, was out there every Saturday morning like clockwork cutting rows in his bare knees.

It was boring repetitive stuff with no apparent reward or end in sight. You had to do it every week or your lawn started looking creepy, the results weren't really worth the sweat or dirtiness because—well, it was just grass—and there was no variation, no possible excitement out there unless you got stung by a bee. (Did I mention you had to pay money for this hobby?)

Sort of like what a lot of blogging might feel like after week twenty-two.

The truth, though, is that, unlike lawn mowing, cultivating your "online plot" can be endlessly fascinating, if you keep up with the latest tools and have some time to spend experimenting with your online voice. And it really doesn't cost much if you know where the free tools live. 

Which is what my new course at Write CY, Creative Blogging, is all about: showing you how to have fun online while getting the most out of being online—which, of course, varies from individual to individual, but will always be better than the joys of freshly cut grass.

If you're a creative, entrepreneur, or just someone with a niche concept you're crazy about, we'll be looking at ways to give your blog posts the power of your own voice and boost your readership by repurposing your original content across social media platforms in eye and ear-catching ways. 

We'll also be looking at popular blogging/portfolio platforms like Tumblr, Squarespace and Wordpress, checking out the best free stock photo sites and online graphic design apps out there so you can create beautiful visual content to complement your writing, and learning a thing or two about responsive layouts for your content.

And, of course, we'll be sneaking in some storytelling techniques for bloggers.

You don’t need any previous experience with websites or blogging to take this course, but you will need a laptop.

And, please, no lawnmowers.

Creative Blogging starts 4 Oct 2016 at Nicosia-based creative writing space Write CY and runs until Dec 5. Classes meet for two hours once a week 7-9PM.  

Interested? Just hit the Oh, My God Tell Me More! button to find out more.