Why your About page matters

Storyline Creatives -whats your story

I'm a compulsive "about" page reader. I love reading the back story to how a business or organisation came about. I want to know who the people are behind the brand.

A brilliant example I've come across in the past is the heartwarming story behind innocent smoothies, a juice company that's crazy popular in the UK. 

I'm sad to say, though, that such well thought out "about" pages are the exception to the rule. Usually, it's a disappointing bare bones paragraph or two that is dedicated to a company's background, history and values. 

But why does an about page matter so much, you may ask? It actually matters a whole lot.

Sure, a business website needs to find that sweet spot between good design and functionality to best promote its services or products, but the "about" page is an important element in making a website stand out.

Think about it—if you're just starting out with your business, trying to further your brand, or even if you have an established online presence, a well-written "about" page is a brilliant platform to inform and connect with your audience.

It's the best place to tell your story, talk about what really matters to your business and what you believe in. To your audience, this might very well be the deal clincher in bringing you on board to collaborate!

Writers ourselves, Max and I went with a quirky (and pretty true-to-life) retelling of our story, from the happy accident of our meeting, to our eventual decision to start up Storyline Creatives. It's a simple story - we met, we got on, we decided to help others tell their stories through good writing. We want to bring in clients who want the same thing. 

So now I ask you, have you come across any particularly good examples that have won you over? Companies or brands that have shown an impressive spirit, a brilliant back story or perhaps just came across as damn cool? Let us know in the comments below!