Don’t have a CV in English? Now’s the time to get one.

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Having a CV in English is more important now than ever.

If you’re looking for a job locally or abroad and haven’t taken the time to prepare a CV in English, think again. 

Number one, it shows you’ve got a skill most companies need in one way or another. Whether it’s communicating with international clients, answering emails or phone calls, or even helping with the company website, English will come in handy. The easiest way to show your future boss that you’re up for the challenge? Present a CV in well-written English.

Second, you may decide to go job hunting abroad. Why not? There are tons of opportunities to be had in the UK, the US and Australia. And even in countries where

English isn’t the native language, a strong CV will always open doors in international companies and organisations where English is the core business language.

Third, English might not figure in the daily operation of the office where you want to work right now, but chances are it will in the future. When potential employers have to make decisions about which employees to keep on board, speaking English is a huge advantage. So showing your boss you have a solid command of English through a strong CV isn’t just a skill to get your hired, it’s your future job security.

The bottom line? Don’t be fooled into thinking a CV in your native language is enough.

In our connected world, an exciting, well-paid job could be just around the corner, locally or abroad. Getting that job depends on your qualifications, experience and personality, of course. But a perfect CV in English makes sure you remain eligible for a wider range of opportunities.