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Tired of seeing “meh” content everywhere you look? Then start creating content you’d actually want to read. We’re on a mission to help people, businesses and brands write about the things they’re passionate about and share them with the world.

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Social with character

Readers that can pick your voice out of a crowd are much more likely to interact with your content.

Stories with a kick

The only way to turn followers into subscribers is to get them to read to the end. Good stories can't be put down.

Messages that connect

Empathy is contagious. Audiences will only really connect with stories you care about yourself.

Articles that get clicks

Google hates fluff too. Relevant articles with substance will get you found and shared.

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The Carver

Minimalist American short story master Raymond Carver created intense new worlds in small spaces. If you haven't read Carver, start with Neighbors in Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?

Sometimes fewer words are better. If you want to maintain your online presence with punchy, original, thought-provoking content, a biweekly article with some smart social is a great way to do it.

    • 8 social posts
    • 2 articles (up to 350 words)
    • we use your content strategy

Introductory offer: €300/mo

The Smith

English novelist Zadie Smith explores the complex, multitextured lives of mixed-race characters in long, but taut novels. If you haven't read Smith, check out her first novel, White Teeth.

Going in-depth? If you're defining your brand by the quality and depth of your content, you need to think about posting articles readers can really dig into with enough social to build awareness.

    • 12 social posts
    • 3 articles (up to 550 words)
    • we develop a content strategy

Introductory offer: €500/mo

If you have an in-house marketing team or are already working with a marketing or digital agency, we can jump on board and turn “meh” content into sensational content. Contact us to discuss pricing.