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I've been writing stories since I was eight. Some of them have ended up in magazines and newspapers. Some are on websites. One even became a novel. I work with people and companies to tell stories the world wants to hear. Need a story for a website or blog? A unique voice to jumpstart your social or a new brand identity? I'd love to talk.



I love words and the power they wield. This drives me to help clients perfect their writing. I bring a decade of editorial experience to my clients’ projects at Storyline. Need a second pair of eyes for your new company website, marketing copy, peer-reviewed article or thesis? Or professional feedback on your latest writing project? Let's talk.  

We turn great ideas into great stories.

We write stand-out stories for content campaigns, websites, print media, and just about everything* in between. See our services for a complete list of what we do. Looking for experienced editors? We've got you covered.



Good storytelling always starts with careful planning. We think about elements like voice, structure and flow before we lay down a single word, because they're the elements that separate skimmable content from stand-out stories.


Unlike most content writers, we're creative writers with years in the industry. We know when stories work, and when they don't. We're experts at hitting the right tone and crafting texts that make the right impact.


Great writing doesn't always start off that way. In fact, it rarely does, which is why we write and edit as a team. All of our finished projects are group efforts that have gone through plenty of rewrites and discussion before delivery.

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* We don't write greeting cards, ransom notes or relationship advice, but we can: jumpstart your social, write websites that tell a story, bring your blogs back from the dead, and help you rethink your brand identity.

(Plus, people like us.)

Storyline Creatives cannot be recommended enough. We hired them to completely overhaul our company’s online identity and they did a tremendous job. They know what they’re doing, and they do it very well.
Their professionalism, high-quality work, attention to detail and consistency in meeting tight deadlines make working with Storyline a satisfying and stress-free experience. Communication was excellent and prompt.

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