The 1,000-word project

Our goal with the 1,000-word project is to help start-ups that have the potential to positively impact our community by sharing our talents and passion for writing.

Why 1,000 words?

Most websites use no more than 1,000 words to get their message across. That's the number of words you have to make a difference.

Get it wrong and your great idea might never reach the audience it deserves. Get it right and you'll put your business on the map.

At Storyline, we know how challenging putting those 1,000 words together can be for new businesses. So we've combined our two favorite things in the world—great writing and great ideas—into a creative project aimed at helping entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas get their message across for the world to see.

Our offer

If you're working on a website for your great idea and you need some help putting your idea into words, we’ll do the writing for you for free.


Fill out the online form below, introducing yourself and your idea.


If you blow us away with your awesome idea, you'll be getting a call from us. We'll work with you and your web designer to write a beautiful website for your start-up for free.

Please read all our guidelines and conditions carefully before submitting.

Our guidelines & conditions


1. While we love good ideas no matter what they are, we're primarily looking to help start-ups that are benefitting the community in some way.

2. If applying, start-ups should have more than just an idea. We're looking to work with small ventures that are on the ground and running, like we are.

3. International start-ups are encouraged to apply, though we have a soft spot in our hearts for entrepreneurs from Cyprus.


1. We genuinely want to help you with your project. That's why we aren't charging you anything. So please be nice and don't ask us for more than one round of revisions on your website.

2. When we're finished and you're happy, please credit Storyline Creatives on your website.

3. Are we perfectionists? Kind of. Actually, we're fanatical about things reading just right. So when we agree on a text you love, please don't monkey with it. If something doesn't sound right, we're only a phone call away.